“Black Sky (Reimagined)” out now and new EP ‘Songs from Primal Heart: Reimagined’ just announced!

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Submitted by reviewerWEA on Thu, 10/04/2018 - 20:16

Hi people,

I’m so excited to announce my new EP, KIMBRA: Songs from Primal Heart, Reimagined, out October 26th and available for pre-order now. The first track from the EP, a reimagined version of "Black Sky" is available today.

Kimbra Black Sky





I’ve always wanted to make an acoustic collection of songs, where I move away from beats and strip things right back. I’ve dreamed of making a spacious unplugged interpretation of my songs for fans, and Primal Heart (which is all about getting back to the essence or core of our humanity) seemed like a great record to explore this premise.

We set out to make a 4-song acoustic EP made up of songs from Primal Heart reinterpreted through the lens of Norwegian producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and close collaborator of mine, Lars Horntveth. I’d been a fan of his arrangements for Jaga Jazzist (one of my favorite bands) and his ability to take classic songs and reimagine them harmonically to present a new way of hearing the songs (most recently he did this with pop band, A-ha on their MTV Unplugged album). I invited my bassist Spencer Zahn to play upright bass, and Zach Tenorio (of Arc Iris, who will also join me on the upcoming tour) to play piano. Lars played many instruments including clarinet & saxophone. We invited Benjamin Lazar Davis to contribute vocals and guitar and the amazing Olga Bell (ex Dirty Projectors + solo artist) for magical background vocals. I wanted a simple cast of characters to bring these songs to life in the most minimal, intimate way possible.

We sought to take the songs back to their sparser origin (before the whirlwind of production & layering began), drawing inspiration from the personal sentiment of the album title (Primal Heart) and the connection I have with my fans live. We wanted to capture the essence of the songs revealed against a more subtle, natural, acoustic environment. We saw the EP as a chance to conduct an experiment. The practice of imposing limitations so that our focus stayed pure and centered around capturing the essence and not overthinking or over-producing the songs. Giving as much space to the voice and the natural instruments as possible.

xo Kimbra