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  • Aug 13,2014

    The New Zealand Hearald gave The Golden Echo a five star review! Read the review at


    The Golden Echo will be released in AU/ NZ on Aug. 15 and in the US on Aug. 19! Pre-order the album here!

  • Aug 12,2014

    See what the press has been saying about Kimbra’s album The Golden Echo.



    The Golden Echo will be released in AU/ NZ on Aug. 15 and in the US on Aug. 19. Pre-order the album on iTunes or now.

  • Aug 11,2014

    Kimbra’s new album The Golden Echo is available to stream on today! Listen here!

    The Golden Echo will be released on Aug. 19 in the US and on Aug. 15 in AU/ NZ. Pre-order the album now!

  • Aug 08,2014

    By. Brianne Nemiroff

    In the year 2014, Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know” is now a song of the recent past. We remember it for winning three Grammys and making the singer a one-hit wonder. Gotye wasn’t the only artist along for the ride, however, with New Zealand native, Kimbra, featured on the multi-platinum track as well. Coincidentally, Kimbra’s debut album, Vows, was released three weeks after “Somebody That I Used to Know,” which propelled her popularity around the world. But as the sensation of the song died down, Kimbra realized that she also needed to be brought back down to earth. Seeing her face plastered up everywhere and hearing her name called out everyday put her in a place where she needed to find her center. She came across a poem about the Narcissus Golden Echo, more commonly known as the daffodil flower, and the idea for her latest project was born.


    While the average person in the US finds inspiration from Pinterest quotes, it was refreshing to hear Kimbra talk about how she was so inspired by this one flower, and a poem about it. “The poem had a beautiful quote about beauty and vanity. It said ‘how to keep beauty from vanishing away to give beauty back. Back, back, back.’ It was a quote about this idea of a flower this beautiful symbolism for giving back or returning beauty. Instead of beauty vanishing away by giving it back, restoring life. The Golden Echo is about being called outward and being engaged with the world around you and listening closely for details that at once seem mundane, and on the second time they have become a wealth of wisdom. The Narcissus Golden Echo is the one flower that is also about the side of going inward and how we can spend a lot of our lives being caught up in our heads.”


    Read the rest of the interview here.


    Kimbra’s album The Golden Echo will be released in the US on Aug. 19 and in AU/ NZ on Aug. 15. Pre-order now.

  • Aug 08,2014

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