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  • Jul 08,2015

    Kimbra reflects on how Nina Simone influenced her work and more in a new interview on Scroll down to the end for Kimbra’s interview.


  • Jun 22,2015

    I just uploaded a 'Behind The Scenes' video that me & my friend @shootjimmy made as a special glimpse into 'The Golden Echo Art Exhibition' on the night of my album release last year! This was such an amazing, memorable night. It was held at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA & featured 15 incredible artists who all contributed a piece of artwork inspired by the album. Watch the full clip below:

  • Jun 01,2015

    My heart has been so overwhelmed by all that I’m experiencing here in Ethiopia. I sometimes find it hard to know how to express these things but for some reason it felt right to make this video last night... the power of our stories and our experiences are our greatest gift to each other! Thankyou to Tirzah International for the opportunity to be here & the two amazing newfound sisters I am traveling with. More to come but for now, here is a little of what’s on my heart.

  • May 05,2015

    Kimbra has won two the International Songwriting Competition for “90s Music” in the category of “Music Video” and “Performance”! You can see the full winners list here. Congratulations Kimbra!  

  • Mar 24,2015

    I did a stripped back live performance of 'As You Are' with the legendary Van Dyke Parks & an 8 piece string section for Artist Journal. It just premiered on Okayplayer!
    Check it out!


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